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Difference Between Collocation And Other Web Hosting

Date Added: January 20, 2011 03:29:36 AM
Author: BWHW Web Hosting Directory
Category: Colocation

Online entrepreneurs never before happened to compare the price of services of web hosting but ever since competition has grown strong along with new players of web hosting joining in the group with their new schemes and attractive offers of web hosting.


During earlier times, businesspersons in this field would seek to check other dealer by their offers and schemes in terms with disk space, bandwidth and many other benefits before signing in the contract. It was as easy as it looked.


Yes, that is what happened before but nowadays offers from web hosting are becoming more different because of the participation of many players who are presenting services of their own kind. These days web hosting is becoming a lot confusing matter for several businesspersons working online due to the numerous sub- markets to settle on, along with prices, the quality of service among the rest.


Collocation is a new entry in the world of web hosting. People who are working in online businesses might take a little time to understand how it all works as it is a new system that has been recently introduced.


Now let us differentiate collocation from all the other web-hosting services.


Collocation Hosting


In this type of hosting, the person has to install his own storage, servers, and equipments of network same as the other buyers are doing. Many companies of collocation hosting provide their servers for rent along with the other equipments requires for this type of hosting. These companies also have specialists from the IT sector, which people can hire for a decided payment of their own choice. This signifies that a person can hire the IT professionals as well as the servers to maintain their web hosting for many benefits and the cost that they provide in their packages.


If we weigh against the other competitors in this production in terms of cost then we have to take into account the arrangement provided by the collocation, physical access restriction, physical security support, rack size, space rental among all the others.


Managed Hosting


Under managed hosting, dealers not only offer management services to their clients but also provide private servers. The only thing the person needs to check is the level of bandwidth provided and to analyze their needs to check whether they crack with what they actually want.


Dedicated Hosting


Under this hosting plan, the person is provided with an exclusive server by the dealer to all the customers. These customers are also provided with full control over the server. Before choosing this service one has to check into the bandwidth size, the support system, storage space and other requirements involved in their offer.


Clustered Hosting


This service of hosting brags about the ample resources at sky limits by using only one server. This is done by extending system protection, load balancing, and multiple machines one will see that all this is aimed at boosting availability, scalability and security. People can purchase more computing power when they require server pool.


When it comes to comparing costs, then one should look for storage, bandwidth, support levels, and restrictions, scaling the computing power and the level of security guaranteed and the availability offered to the buyers.