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UNIX Web Hosting-A Brief Description

Date Added: January 20, 2011 03:20:04 AM
Author: BWHW Web Hosting Directory
Category: Unix Web Hosting

UNIX was one of the best and most appealing developments by a reputed company, AT&T’s Bell Laboratories in early 1970s. In the past 40 years, UNIX has earned the name as one of the most powerful, versatile and flexible secure operating systems around. It has developed to support a range of different application languages, which is in fact more than any other Operating Systems presently available on the blue planet. The variety of application languages that it supports includes C, C++, Shell, Perl, Tcl, Python, Java and PHP. And we are already well acquainted with the fact that these application languages are the basics or the fundamentals of any web hosting service, rather a webpage/website.


The databases that is required for web hosting basically includes SQL and MySQL. While MySQL being more powerful, is easily compatible with UNIX web hosting service. The need of the type of database that is to be used depends on the need of the user and the provision offered by the web hosting service provider. UNIX is generally more acceptable among the internet web servers because of its easy availability and that too at cheaper rates than Windows based web hosting services. This is the sole reason why more than 70% of the internet web servers opt for UNIX/LINUX based web hosting services.


In fact some years back, LINUX/UNIX web hosting service had a reputation of being professionals’ cup of tea. To be very precise, if someone was not experienced enough with the operating system, it was none of his capability to deal with problems or editing of databases under LINUX/UNIX web hosting service. But now, in the past few years UNIX has done a great job to get rid of the reputation and hence providers have done whatever they can do to make the website administration easier and comfortable.


Moreover, UNIX is well reputed of being the most reliable web hosting service that doesn’t get affected with system bugs at all. Hence, this in turn gives a consistent system performance and secured website performance dependability at the same time. In other words, maintenance stuff professionalism is just what is required for the maintenance of the web hosting service.

Now, unlike other operating system based web hosting services, LINUX/UNIX based web hosting service supports much greater range of processes that can be handled and executed at the same time. This review is certainly an important one while choosing a web hosting company.


Apart from many other advantages, its flawless support towards PHP (which is mostly used in the present age) gives it an edge over other web hosting services. And it has been seen that PHP works best when the web hosting service used is a UNIX based one.


Hence its cheap and easy availability, flawless reliability, support towards latest database software, easy maintenance, more execution of processes at the same time etc. has added up on its advantages over all other web hosting services. So, it is always preferable that one opts for a UNIX based web hosting service for his/her website.