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Managed hosting is a type of web hosting service in which the hosting provider is responsible for managing all administrative server tasks. As a webmaster you have more important things to do than learn server management skills and focus on the reliability of your web server. With a managed hosting solution you can leave this task up to the web hosting provider, and focus on more crucial aspects of your online business.


Managed hosting is a type of dedicated hosting, in which you are given access to a dedicated server that is maintained and optimized by the web hosting provider at all times.


In this section you can browse through a diverse selection of managed hosting providers that offer dedicated hosting solutions which are fully managed. Fully managed web hosting services are ideal in comparison to unmanaged hosting services because they eliminate the need to perform administrative duties within your web hosting control panel.


With a managed hosting service you can focus on more important aspects of your online business while the web hosting provider deals with all of the administrative duties associated with server management and optimization. Using one of the companies listed within this directory you can ensure the stability and continuity of all of the websites hosted on your fully managed web server. Managed hosting solutions typically include comprehensive 24-hour support, a robust control panel, and a fully managed dedicated server that is devoted to the success and functionality of your websites. Managed hosting is actually a type of dedicated hosting, and is therefore recommended for serious website owners and online entrepreneurs that need lots of free time to manage their business.


All of the companies listed herein are known for providing the best managed hosting services that have been tried and proven by hundreds or even thousands of customers before you.

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Benefits Of A Managed Host

Having a managed host is very important. The web host of a dedicated server has an essential task of operating the administrators systems and to maintain the websites of the clients to make sure they are working smoothly and efficiently.

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