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Submission Rules

The purpose of the guidelines stated herein is to provide general submission rules to our users for all submission types.

General Submission Rules

  • All submissions must be placed within the proper category initially, otherwise it will have a higher chance of being rejected. In some cases, an invalidly categorized submission will be automatically moved to the correct section; however, it is more likely that it will simply be rejected.
  • All submissions must be verified via e-mail confirmation. Please check your inbox after submitting any data.
  • Every website submitted must contain at least one section in which English is the main text language. When submitting the link to your web hosting site, please make sure the link points to the English section of the website.
  • All websites submitted must be specifically focused on web hosting. Related subjects, such as webmaster resources, web design, web promotion, search engine optimization, and other topics, will not be accepted, as this is specifically a web hosting only directory.
  • Any attempt to spam this directory will result in the submitted data being removed, and the related domain will be banned permanently. If you feel your domain has been banned unjustly, you may submit an appeal or contact us to dispute the matter.
  • All websites published in the directory must provide relevant, useful, informative content. Any website that does not provide tangible content, or ones that are purposefully filled with keyword stuffed content (i.e., made for AdSense websites), will be rejected, and thus, are prohibited from any type of submission.
  • All submissions will be reviewed in detail by a human editor before being accepted to any category.
  • We reserve the right to edit, modify, categorize, and remove any website title or description/submission (or any other information) contained on this site.

Types of Submissions

We currently accept four main types of submissions:

  • Regular - Regular listings are free initially, however, will incur a set price after being on the site for a certain period of time. Web hosting review type sites are prohibited from regular submissions. All regular submissions must be conventional web hosting service sites.
  • Featured - Featured listings must be paid for upfront, and these are only listings for a company that directly provides web hosting services. Web hosting review sites are not accepted for featured listings.
  • Platinum Featured - Web hosting review/rating type website submissions are only allowed as platinum featured listings, which incur a monthly cost of $1000.
  • Reciprocal - All reciprocal submissions must be homepage links only. No subdomain, sub page, or sub folder links are allowed for reciprocal or free submissions.

Refund Policy

If you pay for a listing, but your website submission is rejected by our editors, a full refund will be honored immediately. However, if the website is found to be guilty of spamming the directory after being accepted, it will be removed, and no refund will be honored.

If you feel the directory is not providing fair value, you may contact us at any time to request a refund. Your request will be reviewed manually, and the decision is left to our discretion.