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UNIX web hosting is a type of hosting service in which you are given access to a web server that has the UNIX operating system installed. UNIX is a version of Linux (an open-source operating system) that is extremely stable and is very easy to provide support for. For this reason, many UNIX web hosting providers are able to offer the best prices and support for their web hosting plans. UNIX web hosting plans are typically cheaper than Windows web hosting plans and are also more abundant.


The main advantage of the UNIX operating system and web hosting is its compatibility with various programming languages and platforms.


In this directory you can browse through a large selection of UNIX web hosting providers that offer reliable services which have been tried and proven. UNIX is a version of Linux, which is an open source operating system that is preferred by many in the web hosting industry over Windows for its ease-of-use and expandability. Unlike Windows, UNIX can be updated, fixed, and amended by any developer or development team with the interest and experience required to do so.


UNIX web hosting is highly compatible with a plethora of programming platforms and languages, and is therefore the perfect solution for an aspiring web developer, programmer, or web application specialist. By choosing a UNIX web hosting provider from this directory you can maximize your ability to efficiently compare and select the most suitable UNIX web hosting service for your online business or personal websites. UNIX web hosting plans are particularly suitable for web developers that need to build and test web applications that are based on the UNIX operating system.


UNIX web hosting services are extremely popular primarily because of their compatibility with the PHP programming language, which is commonly used in mission-critical web applications such as content management systems. The UNIX operating system is also extremely stable, scalable, and reliable.

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To be very precise, if someone was not experienced enough with the operating system, it was none of his capability to deal with problems or editing of databases under LINUX/UNIX web hosting service.

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