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Virtual private server hosting, also known as VPS hosting, is a type of web hosting that gives you sole access to a web server partition that is devoted to your websites. Unlike a shared web server, a virtual private server cannot be utilized by any other webmaster, and is therefore a safer and more reliable solution.


Experienced webmasters have referred to a virtual private server as a healthy mix between a shared server and a dedicated server, with the capabilities and power advantages of the latter and the price advantages of the first. After utilizing a shared server for severl months most webmasters opt to purchase a virtual private server as the need for server resources increases.


The companies listed herein are amongst the most reputable and reliable virtual private server providers in the industry. A virtual private server is actually a server partition that is designated to a web hosting account holder to be used for their websites. Virtual private servers are more powerful than shared servers but not quite as powerful as a dedicated server. With a virtual private server plan you have the capability to change the software configuration of server by installing server-side web applications if needed.


Virtual private server hosting is a viable alternative to shared and dedicated hosting, with a diverse plan selection and monthly prices ranging from $20 to $200, this type of hosting is a perfect solution for nearly any webmaster. A virtual private server hosting plan includes all of the tools and resources needed to build and manage a network of various sized websites. Features included with a virtual private server hosting plan typically include unlimited bandwidth, disk space, e-mail accounts, FTP accounts, MySQL databases, and the ability to host an unlimited amount of domains.


By utilizing the list of virtual private server providers herein you can maximize your ability to effectively compare and choose the most suitable solution for your online business or personal websites.

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